Welcome to Adelphia


Adelphia, founded in 2014, is dedicated to promoting the development and enrichment of the mind, heart, and soul, preparing students to make an impact for Christ and the world. We offer a 3-day program with structured instruction on our on-campus days and support for at home the rest of the school week. In a world where busyness and traditional schools compete against family time and outside interests, with our hybrid model, we offer an alternative which not only continues to bond the family unit closer together, but allow time for students to express and pursue their outside interests and giftings.


The core mission of Adelphia is to provide a classical Christian education that supports the development and enrichment of the mind, preparing students to make an impact for Christ in their communities and the world.

Since its inception in 2014, Adelphia has educated students through a purposeful blend of academics and the arts. The curriculum is classical in its roots, yet we strive to innovate our approach, challenge students to critically think, and foster self-discipline, hard work, and healthy skill sets.


We carefully select our classical curriculum to challege the mind, encourage creativity, and instill a love for learning, while fostering an appreciation for God's creation. We desire and encourage all students to stretch through engagement of personal exploration, collaborative activities, taking intentional risks, and geniunely diving into new endeavors.