Welcome to Adelphia


Adelphia respects the individuality of our youth. We have thus set general guidelines to help our youth present themselves in a modest way that doesn’t restrict their comfort or sense of fashion. Clothing should be clean, neat, modest in style, and not draw undue attention.

Allowable clothing includes (but not limited to): Polo-type shirts, t-shirts, jeans, skirts/dresses, and shorts. Graphic t-shirts maybe worn as long as the graphic is not inappropriate.

If any student is found to be dressed inappropriately, the student will be given a detention as well as a school t-shirt to wear to rectify the problem and the family will be billed $15.00.

Student may not wear:

  • excessively baggy pants or droopy pants or pants which expose undergarments
  • tattered or worn out clothing
  • clingy clothing or thin shirts you can see through
  • Yoga pants or tight jeans or pants are “exposing,” and therefore inappropriate and
  •    not allowed.
  • exposed midriff (needs to be true when arms are raised as well)
  • exposed cleavage or exposed back
  • short shorts or short skirts (no shorter than the end of the student's fingertips
  •   when arms are put down at their sides)
  • exposed undergarments (this includes off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses)
  • hats, caps, beanies, or anything else worn as a covering on the head