Welcome to Adelphia


Adelphia offers regular full-time enrollment for high school, keeping all students records and issuing transcripts and diplomas as the students are listed on our private school affidavit.

We also offer full-time enrichment for high school if you are enrolled in an umbrella school (such as a charter or privately homeschooled).  In this case, we do not keep the student's records or issue transcripts or diplomas. These would be all handled by the umbrella school.

Finally, we offer single-subject enrichment classes to support core and extra-curricular subject areas. Again, we do not keep any records for these students.

Single-subject or Full-Time Enrichment students will receive grades for each class taken. Enrichment students are required to attend and participate in all classes and complete all assignments and classwork on time as well as abide by all other school rules.

Please contact us for applications.