Welcome to Adelphia


New Students Adelphia HS enrolls students throughout the year as long as class space is available. For more information and adjusted tuition pricing, please contact us at 714-677-2594 or AdelphiaHS@gmail.com.

Adelphia was established to meet the educational, social, and spiritual needs of your student. We focus on strong academic pursuits enabling students to serve and enjoy Christ and their community. All of our classes are taught by teachers who love Jesus, love teaching, and love their students and from a solid bible worldview.

According to your need we have two enrollment options: full-time and Single Subject.  Full-time students are enrolled into a core classes (math, science, history, Latin, and Literature/Composition) as well as classical enrichment classes (logic or rhetoric, fine arts, PE, Bible). Single subject classes are also offered to support core and extra-curricular subject areas. For more information on Full-Time vs Single Subject click HERE.

Acceptance Process: Prospective parents must meet at the school for an interview process.  This process includes more detailed information about our school and a tour as well.  Once a completed application is received and approved by the office,  you will be contacted to schedule a final interview with the principal before acceptance.  After being accepted, students will be given a placement test for upper level math to ensure correct placement.

School Year:  Our school year typically goes from the end of August through May or the 1st week of June.

Tuition & Registration: Please refer to the Admissions --> Tuition page

Books: All school books will need to be purchased by you for each student, as well as teacher manuals for yourself. Curriculum lists are sent starting in June before the school year starts.

 Spiritual Life: Bible study, prayer, and worship are a part of student life at school.  During the school day, students are encouraged to seek the Lord’s will in every situation in their lives.